Bandon Male Pleads Guilty, Oct. 5

CCSO release – Date / Time: September 27th 2023; Location: Court House, Coquille; Convicted: Kyle R. Thompson (33); Bandon man pleads guilty to several charges. He was found not guilty after a jury trial on charges stemming from alleged firearms use. On September 27th, 2023, Kyle R. Thompson (33) had two cases set for trial stemming from his actions in June involving a police pursuit in a vehicle and on foot. The case included a K9 track and the alleged use of a firearm in an attempt to escape from the K9 and pursing Deputy. Before trial, Mr. Thompson petitioned the court to plead guilty to all charges stemming from the incident, with the exception of any charges relating to the incident with the firearm & K9 Unit. The court accepted Mr. Thompson’s peal of Guilty to the following charges. CASE # 23CR31015 – Fail To Appear I – 18 Months DOC, Fleeing or Attempt to Elude Vehicle – 6 Months DOC; Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Foot – 10 days (Concurrent); Recklessly Endangering – 10 days (Concurrent); Reckless Driving – 10 days (Concurrent). Case # 23CR43155 – Fail To Appear I – 8 Months DOC. After accepting the guilty plea on the above charges, Mr. Thompson and his attorney advised they would be moving forward with a jury trial on the charges relating to the firearm and its use. These charges were: CASE # 23CR31015 – Escape II (Escape by use or threat of physical force) – Found Not Guilty; Menacing (Placing another in fear of imminent serious physical injury) – Found Not Guilty. After a day-long trial, a jury of (12) found Mr. Thompson “Not Guilty” on the prison presumptive charges of Escae II and Menacing. The jury found Mr. Thompson guilty of the lesser included charge of Escape III (Escaping from custody), and he was subsequently sentenced to 10 days (Concurrent) with other charges. CASE # 23CR31015 – Escape III – 10 days (Concurrent).

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