2024 Legislative Session Good News for North Bend, March 8

City of North Bend release – We’re thrilled to share that North Bend has secured significant investments totaling $900,000 to enhance our community’s infrastructure and support vital housing developments. Housing Support: Senate Bill 1530 ( has passed both the Senate and the House, allocating over $112 million to the Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS). This includes funding for shelter operations, homelessness prevention resources, and support for organizations like the Urban League of Portland and Seeding Justice. Infrastructure Upgrades: Thanks to Senate Bill 1530, North Bend will receive $900,000 for stormwater and sewer collection system upgrades. These improvements will directly assist the proposed Gloria Dei and Maple Leaf housing developments, contributing to the overall enhancement of our community. Project-Specific Funding: The legislation also includes funding for key partners, such as Albina Vision Trust, the Center for African Immigrants and Refugees Organization, and the Center for Intercultural Organizing, among others. These investments aim to bolster recovery housing and support climate and energy-related housing solutions. Housing Production Tools: Senate Bill 1537 (, Governor Kotek’s priority bill, introduces critical tools to increase housing production statewide. This includes $75 million to establish a revolving loan fund at OHCS, fostering partnerships between the State and local jurisdictions to develop moderate-income housing. With Senate Bill 1530 and Senate Bill 1537 now heading to Governor Tina Kotek’s desk, we’re eagerly anticipating the positive impact these investments will have on North Bend and beyond. North Bend wishes to thank Senator Dick Anderson and Representative Boomer Wright for their perseverance and for keeping our city in the forefront. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to monitor other legislative developments and take action on agency priorities. Together, we’re building a brighter future for our community!

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