$12.5 million awarded to projects across Oregon that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Sept. 19

ODOT release – SALEM – Electric cars and buses, e-bike lending libraries, and solar streetlights are among the 15 projects across Oregon to receive funding from the federal Carbon Reduction Program. The program’s first round of competitive grant funding, which ran in spring this year, had $13 million available for “small urban and rural” projects in Oregon that reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. The 15 projects are split among 11 counties and two Tribes. Over 65% of the funds will go to projects in disadvantaged communities, as defined under the federal government’s Justice40 initiative. The ODOT Climate Office administers the program in Oregon. Office staff worked with a consultation group of local transportation organizations and advocates to develop strategies, priorities and evaluation criteria for the program. Eligible projects for the grant were in urban and rural areas of the state with populations under 200,000. Cities, counties, tribal governments, and local and state transportation agencies were eligible to apply. The Carbon Reduction Program will distribute $82 million of federal funding over five years for projects in Oregon. Visit the ODOT Carbon Reduction program website to learn more. The Carbon Reduction Program is one of the ways Oregon is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation over the next several decades. By 2050, emissions from transportation will be 60% lower than they were in 1990, according to data on our new transportation emissions website.

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